Hello and welcome to Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party. We are a local branch of the Labour Party that organises and campaigns within the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Crewe & Nantwich which includes Crewe, Nantwich, Haslington, Shavington, Wistaston, Willaston, part of Leighton, Wybunbury and other small villages.

Part of what we do is campaign to promote our Manifesto of “For The Many, Not The Few”. We do this by involving ourselves in the same communities we live and work in. We make ourselves visible in town centres and neighbourhoods, our members attend and promote activity with local groups that do litter picks, run homeless shelters etc. and we also go to people’s doorsteps and listen to their concerns, to find out what people want from Government and the local council.

If you are already a member and want to be more involved in our campaigning, contact the address on your membership card or go to your My Labour account where you can also find a contact. If you would like to join then it’s a simple online form, just go to https://join.labour.org.uk/, there is even a discounted rate for certain circumstances.

You are represented by the Labour Party in public office within Crewe & Nantwich by:

Laura Smith MP - Crewe and NantwichLaura Smith – Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich
Laura was elected in June 2017, unseating the previous Conservative MP Edward Timpson by a mere 48 votes (a 3.7 point swing to Labour!). Laura promised to be a voice for Crewe & Nantwich in Westminster, not the other way round. Laura spends a lot of time in the constituency holding surgeries, attending events and charities as well as campaigning and talking to residents on the door with us.

Contact: Please email laura@laurasmithmp.co.uk or phone during usual office hours on 01270 617645.

Cheshire East Borough Council
Labour holds 16 of the 82 seats on Cheshire East Borough Council and are the official opposition. Seats are split up into wards, which are boundaries that represent a smaller geographical area than a Parliamentary Constituency and elect between 1 and 3 councillors depending on the ward size. In Crewe and Nantwich, Labour is represented by the following Councillors:

  • Cllr Damian Bailey – Crewe St Barnabas – Profile
  • Cllr Joy Bratherton – Crewe East – Profile
  • Cllr Suzanne Brookfield – Crewe East – Profile
  • Cllr Clair Chapman – Crewe East – Profile
  • Cllr Irene Faseyi – Crewe Central – Profile
  • Cllr Dorothy Flude – Crewe South – Profile
  • Cllr Steven Hogben – Crewe South – Profile
  • Cllr Mo Grant – Crewe North – Profile
  • Cllr Jill Rhodes – Crewe West – Profile
  • Cllr Brian Roberts – Crewe West – Profile

In May 2019, all 82 seats on the Council are up for re-election. We will be announcing all our candidates for each ward in Crewe and Nantwich very soon. We will be very much expecting to increase our number of seats held up and down the borough.

Crewe Town Council
Crewe Town Council was formed in 2013 after a referendum was won to create a Council that could be more focused on Crewe. It currently provides grants to worthwhile organisations and organises events in the town like trAction, The Steampunk Convival and a number of food festivals. Labour currently controls this council holding 18 of the 20 seats. We have a page that provides some information about the council and a full list of councillors and contact details can be found at https://www.crewetowncouncil.gov.uk/category/councillors/