Labour Party Membership

membership imageFirstly if we have not communicated previously regarding your membership, most comes via your Branch Secretaries; hello and welcome to the Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party.

There is no doubt this is a difficult time for all members but more so for the new members who may be confused as to their voting rights in the forthcoming Leadership Election.

Below is a summary of the current situation. We would stress that as Senior Officers of the Local Party we share the frustration that some of you as new members must be feeling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or your Branch Secretaries if further clarification is needed on anything at all but particularly in respect of joining dates and your membership. We are here to help as well as hopefully provide a warm welcome!

The NEC made some rulings regarding membership that could impact on your ability to vote in this crucial election.

Here is what we know:

If you joined the Labour Party after 12 January 2016:

As it stands, if you joined after the 12 January 2016 you will not be able to vote in the Labour leadership election. You may be able to join as a registered supporter or affiliate member (see below) to vote in the leadership contest.

If you were a registered supporter last year:

You will need to join again as either a registered supporter or affiliate member (see below) unless you joined as a full member prior to 12 January.

If you are a member of an affiliated union:

If you’re in an affiliated trade union, check to make sure you haven’t opted out of the political levy and then you ca register with Labour as an affiliated member and you will be able to vote in the leadership elections. The deadline is the 8th August.

As it stands, there are two ways you can obtain a vote if you’ve been disenfranchised by the NEC’s decision.

1. Join as an affiliate supporter before 8 August (likely to be the cheaper option)
Join an affiliated trade union. Providing that you don’t opt out of the political levy, you can then register with Labour as an affiliated supporter and you will be able to vote in the leadership elections.

2. To join as a registered supporter

It is likely that you will only be able to register between Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 July. The timetable will be confirmed tomorrow. Regrettably the cost has been raised to £25.

We would also mention that the AGM for the Constituency Party at present will not take place due to the ruling on formal party meetings HOWEVER please keep the date of 28th JULY 7:00PM free as there may be a nomination meeting organised for the Leadership Election