Opinion: Planned cuts to school budgets – Cllr Jill Rhodes

I am very worried about the effect the planned cuts announced by the Schools minister, Nick Gibb, to school budgets will have on the education of the children of Crewe. The figures released by the NUT and ATL show massive cuts at a time when the number of pupils is rising. There have already been cuts to school budgets over the last few years. But this slashing of school budgets will mean schools are forced to reduce the number of teachers and classroom assistants.

The education of pupils will suffer and it will be increasingly difficult for schools to maintain the high standards and excellent pupil progress they are now achieving. The children and parents deserve better than this. Cheshire has traditionally been one of the worst funded authorities so the Council already spends less per pupil than other similar authorities.

It is good to see that a delegation of councillors and MP’s has been to London to lobby Ministers. Unfortunately, our MP, Mr Timpson, was not a member of the delegation.

I hope all parents and grandparents will write to their local MP to ask for the planned cuts to be cancelled. It is taking austerity too far when the education of our children is threatened.

You can contact Edward Timpson by visiting: https://www.edwardtimpson.com/get-touch

There exists a website organised by the NUT and ATL that can calculate the individual cuts to particular schools: If you go to http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk/#/ you can type in a school name, a town/city or a postcode and find information on a school of interest of you. There is also a petition (link in the header of the website) you can sign to oppose the cuts.

Below is what you see if you search for Crewe, you can click on any of the bubbles for information about the school at that location. If you would like a shortcut to this page it is: http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk/#/schools?query=Crewe.