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BAME Labour seeks to empower ethnic minority members within the Labour Party and campaigns for greater representation of ethnic minority communities in public life. Through encouraging increased participation in the political process BAME Labour empowers its members to campaign for a fairer, more equal and democratic society.

We are a democratically constituted membership organisation. It is affiliated to the Labour Party but is politically and organisationally independent. BAME Labour works closely with the Labour Party because of our shared values of equality, tolerance and opportunity for all.

BAME Labour welcomes everything that Labour in Government did to improve the quality of life for Britain’s ethnic minority communities but continues to campaign for further equality, both within the Labour Party and across society.

We are an accountable, inclusive organisation that provides a bridge to the Labour Party in ways that ensure that the voice of BAME members and communities matter – and are heard.

Aims and Objectives

Collectively, we work to:

  • Increase BAME membership to the Labour Party and work to achieve support for Labour’s principles and; policies amongst BAME communities
  • Influence and participate in the policy making process at all levels of the Labour Party and through its ensure that issues and concerns of BAME Labour members are raised at the highest levels of the Party
  • Advocate and campaign on issues concerning BAME Labour members at all levels
  • Ensure that Black, Asian and Ethnic minority members are represented throughout Party bodies and are selected for the Welsh Assembly, Scottish, Westminster and European Parliaments and for public office in local and central government
  • Eliminate racism and discrimination in all forms and support members in their struggle against racism in the United Kingdom and internationally, while developing links with other similar organizations to achieve this end

BAME Labour offers our members:

  • access to a range of events, conference and policy discussions
  • development opportunities including training, capacity building and acts as a gateway to Labour Party networks
  • innovative campaign approaches to support our members, local parties and the Labour Party as we work together to increase BAME representation and community engagement
  • opportunities to help shape Labour Party policies in the run up to the next General Election

To find out more about BAME Labour and what we are up to nationally, or to get involved in your area, email

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