Corbyn comes to Crewe

Jeremy Corbyn addresses huge crowds in Crewe

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn came to Crewe to share the Labour vision for the future.

Hitting the campaign trail hard Corbyn spoke to a large crowd eager to hear what Labour has to offer for the upcoming General Election.

The message was simple, it is time for a change, a time to end the sham that is austerity.  it is time to invest and people and the nation, that is what a Labour government will do under Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to packed Market Square in Crewe, Corbyn said:

Today, our party members and supporters up and down the country are delivering over a million leaflets to every door in this country with the message that this election campaign is about you, is about us, is about our future for this country. And when we talk about our future, we talk about the future and the needs of all of our young people. This Tory government is slashing school spending all over the country, and this area is hit harder than anywhere else.

Focusing on local issues

Education has become a focal point in Crewe with the largely absent Conservative MP Edward Timpson refusing to engage with local campaign groups and parents regarding the vicious cuts to the education budget.

Corbyn went on to say:

So what is this Tory government is doing? Under funding our schools, laying teachers off, teaching assistants being laid off and parents taking their children back to school for the summer term receiving a letter pleading for money to keep the school going. While they cut billions off the educational needs of our children, they’ve found £350 million for selective schools and grammar schools for the few.

Under Corbyn, Labour offer a different way.  the message is simple:

And so Labour offers something very different. Under the Tories, we’ve had tax cuts for the rich, and easier life for the rich, more and more injustice and inequality, more and more homelessness. Under Labour, something very different will happen.

The Labour vision for the future is a fair future for everyone, no longer will those who are least able to carry the burden of the Tory cuts be asked too.  Corbyn and Labour will change the system so society is fair for everyone, Corbyn said:

Under Labour, investment in people, investment in young people, investment in a growing economy so that our young people get the skills and jobs they need and are not frightened of going into further and higher education because of the debts that will mount up. Our offer is for every part of this country, our offer is for everybody in this country. A decent society that cares for all, or a government that funds and cares only for the few at the expense of the rest. We know which side we are on, we are taking this message to every single part of Britain. Come on that journey with us! Thank you!”

The General Election will take place on June 8th 2017.  Please make sure you have registered to vote.

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