Brexit, my views by Laura Smith

My Brexit views.

It won’t come as any surprise to you that one of the big issues that I’m being asked about on the doorsteps is Brexit.

As a candidate asking for your vote on June 8th, it is important that I am open and honest about my views on Brexit.

Firstly, I believe that the will of the British people must be respected.

Anything less than this would be bad for our democracy and only increase that sense that politicians do not want to listen to ordinary people like me and you.

However, I am concerned that the Conservative government is taking us down a dangerous path that will put our economy at risk, weaken workers’ rights and isolate us from the rest of the world.

Only Labour will prioritise jobs and living standards. It is always working people that suffer most during any period of economic uncertainty and it is a risk that ordinary people in Crewe & Nantwich cannot afford to take.

I want a Brexit deal that puts working people at its heart. I will campaign to make sure that any future trade deals do not compromise the sovereignty of the UK government or undermine the British workforce.

I will also campaign to protect the rights of those EU citizens who are already part of our community and contributing to our local economy. I will fight to protect our existing workers’ and consumers’ rights and will push for a deal that retains the benefits of the Single Market.


I fully understand working people’s concerns about immigration and they cannot be ignored.
The Conservatives have made bogus promises on reducing immigration and are asking for your vote on the basis that they can be trusted this time.

Labour won’t make false promises. However, I do believe that free movement must end when we leave the EU.

I believe in the fair and reasonable management of immigration. Our economy needs migrant workers to keep going. We value those workers and will never denigrate them.

If elected, I will campaign for changes in legislation to make sure that employers recruiting workers from abroad can never undercut workers at home.

It is also vital that we have investment in our infrastructure, public services and housing to meet the needs of everybody in our community.

This is essential if we are to combat the politics of hate and division. On June 8th, the people of Crewe & Nantwich will have the opportunity to choose between more of the same, or a fairer, more inclusive society.

Vote Labour on June 8th

I believe we now have a duty to get on with the job. At the same time, we must not allow our country to become a tax haven where big multi-national businesses come to exploit a low-paid British workforce. Corporations wishing to do business in our country should have to contribute to our society by paying fair taxes and fair wages. Labour will make this a reality.

All I want is a fair economy, with everybody on a level playing field and able to reach their full potential. I want a vibrant and secure economy that provides you and your family with enough of an income to enjoy a decent standard of living. None of us should have to live in fear of what is around the corner.

We need to leave the EU in a way that caters for the needs of everybody living in our communities, rather than the needs of big business.

For a Brexit deal for the many and not the few, vote Labour on June 8th.

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