Laura smith discusses the proposed downgrading of Crewe Fire Station

Protecting the local fire service

I was delighted to spend some time visiting Crewe Fire Station a couple of weeks ago.

Our firefighters are on the front-line serving our community and local residents.

I am determined that Crewe Fire Station shall not be downgraded. It should be staffed 24/7 by two full-time crews, especially given the changing nature of our town and its growth in respect to both housing and infrastructure.

Andy Fox-Hewitt, Brigade Secretary of the Cheshire Fire Brigade Union, said:

Laura will be a fantastic representative for Crewe & Nantwich. Before becoming Brigade Secretary, I worked at Crewe Fire Station for many years. Her commitment to Crewe remaining a full-time station staffed by full-time crews 24/7 is why I am supporting her.

This Tory Government has attacked Fire & Rescue Services for seven years now. I know that Laura and Labour are committed to investing in our emergency services, prioritising public and community safety.

Under this Conservative Government, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service has faced a 23% cut in funding from central Government. This has impacted on the speed and weight of the emergency response in our County.

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