Laura Smith elected as MP for Crewe & Nantwich 🏆

Early this morning Laura Smith learnt she had pipped Conservative incumbent Edward Timpson to become MP for Crewe & Nantwich.

This was a fantastic result and we were all proud of the work that was put in, not just here in Crewe & Nantwich knocking on doors and putting out our vision, but nationally as the message of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sparked a surge of votes across the country.

We fought our campaign to win and never let the early polls discourage us. We knew Timpson was weakened by his lack of response to the very real cuts proposed to the Schools Funding Formula which will leave schools in Cheshire East worse off, particular within this constituency. We knocked on thousands of doors and spoke to many about what a Crewe & Nantwich MP would do for us and the message resonated.

But now the work starts. We are still not in Government and our majority is slim at 48. We will be working hard to solidify our vote and offer a simple message… For the many, not the few.


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