“Why I’m voting for the first time” by Sophie

Sophie has never voted before. We wanted to share her story with you.

I’m Sophie,  31 years old and originally from South West Wales. I moved to Cheshire in 2013 and have fallen in love with the people of Crewe and Nantwich.

I live with my partner Jamie, who has a 6 year old daughter Alicia, and my little boy Theo who is 4. Together we run a small family upholstery business in Nantwich.

Growing up I never paid attention to, or took an interest in, politics or what our government were doing. Since I had Theo though, I’ve realised how politics affects all of our lives.  Now I feel it’s vital to vote to try and change the direction of how things are going.

The NHS needs sufficient funding. Seeing it decline under the Conservatives, right before our eyes is extremely scary and we need to save it.

I find the school funding cuts equally worrying. It’s vital that our younger generation receives the education they need and deserve. Cheshire East in particular has been hit hard with these cuts.

I’ve decided to vote this time as I want a better future for my family and for everyone.

I’m voting Labour because I believe they are more in touch with ordinary working people and care for the average working family and not just for the rich.

Internationally I believe Labour are a stronger voice for Britain and are a truer representation of us as a nation.

I’m voting for change. Laura Smith has my vote on 8th June.

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