Laura Smith MP selected for the Transport Select Committee… just like Gwyneth Dunwoody

Today, Crewe & Nantwich MP Laura Smith was selected to be on the Transport Select Committee. The same committee that the late MP for the constituency Gwyneth Dunwoody chaired for 11 years between 1997 and 2008, continuing a great tradition of links to the railways and transport in general we have in Crewe.

The Transport Committee is in charge of scrutiny of the Department of Transport. Expenditure, administration and policy are it’s main remit. 11 members make up the committee and are appointed by the House of Commons from the 3 largest political parties.

We are very proud of the in-ways Laura has already made in the House of Commons and wish her congratulations on the sure-to-be excellent work she will do on the committee.

While we are here have you seen Laura’s maiden speech in the House of Commons yet? It was a winner… Watch it on our YouTube channel at

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