Cheshire East Published Magazine The VoiCE… No Mention of Police Investigations?

The Tory-run Cheshire East Council have decided to publish, at a cost of around £129,000, a glossy magazine to all residents in the Cheshire East area. The magazine features many feel-good stories about parks and what not, which is very nice, but fails to mention any of the 4 police investigations (4 as of going to press!) currently casting a gloomy cloud over the Tory-led Council.

Leader of Cheshire East Council Cllr Rachel Bailey’s (Tory, Audlem) introductory blurb sounds very conspicuous with that knowledge to hand, instead defending the misery of austerity her party has put on services run by council’s all over the country and reaffirming her desire to run a good council for the residents – which must be hard to do if the police keep bothering you about the next scandal!

Cllr Dorothy Flude (Labour, Crewe South) had this to say…

Who made the decision to publish this Town Hall Rag when the media review after the Twitter Gate scandal, when the media people at Cheshire East were writing Michael Jones’s tweets that were anti Labour Party, said that Cheshire East should consider such a publication?

Why was there no cross party involvement or a view from Overview and Scrutiny. Is the council producing its own propaganda sheets in an attempt to quieten local newspapers who have been asking awkward questions? Will the council be having adverts in its sheet so taking away business from local newspapers?

Overview and Scrutiny would have pointed out that £129,000 would have been better spent in services that have been cut, it would go some way to providing youth support on some of our more troubled housing estates. Or providing a permanent home for the British Legion drop in centre who are to lose their home when Crewe Market is re-vamped. And why no mention of this councils little difficulties with the police at some expense to the council tax payer?

Us and Labour councillors on Cheshire East will be following this closely and hope to get some answers over its publication.

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