The Poor Standards of Social Care for People Living in Crewe and Nantwich

Originally written for the Crewe Chronicle

Many constituents have contacted me with concerns about poor standards of care, shockingly high costs and delayed transfers of care, so I know that social care is an important issue for people living in Crewe and Nantwich.

After first challenging this Conservative Government’s Chancellor, I turned my attention to our Prime Minister. In a packed chamber, I explained the situation in Crewe & Nantwich and asked Theresa May what she would say to social care providers who are telling me funding is woefully inadequate and that they simply cannot afford to wait for a future consultation.

Last year, Theresa May acknowledged that our social care system was broken, said the government could no longer “duck the issue” and promised to fix it. The Prime Minister’s Forward in last year’s Conservative Party manifesto even promised the “first ever proper plan to pay for – and provide – social care”.

Since then, the Chancellor has failed to mention social care in both the Autumn Budget and the Spring Statement. I wasn’t reassured in the slightest by the Prime Minister’s response to my question last week.

At a recent event in the constituency, I listened to some very upsetting accounts from people in Crewe & Nantwich who rely on these services and their families.

A not-for-profit care provider in Crewe & Nantwich tell me they are operating at a loss due to insufficient funding and are worried about their future if the situation doesn’t improve.

Other care providers have been placed into special measures, including two in the last few weeks alone.

Any one of us could have care needs and I know many of you have loved ones who are in need of this support. I will continue to do everything I can to make sure that quality care is available to all who need it.

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