Review in Pictures – Crewe South – #SuperSaturdays

Laura Smith MP and Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party are embarking on a huge campaign to visit every ward in the Crewe and Nantwich constituency, every Saturday for a 4 week period. We dub these “Super Saturdays”. On these Saturdays, we and the MP make ourselves available between 11am and 1pm at a street stall, we also go out and knock on doors to talk to you, the residents, and we take on a task to improve your communities like litter picking or pothole reporting. Watch out for us in your ward soon!

Crewe South

This round only lasted 3 weekends so we could get back on schedule, but be rest assured we will be back soon!

Week 1 – (conceeded to Shavington)

Week 2 – 6th October

Week 3 – 13th October

Week 4 – 20th October

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