BIG NEWS! Tories Lose Overall Control of Cheshire East

Labour gained 9 seats across the borough and retained all defending seats to help take control of Cheshire East off the Tories pushing our tally up to 25.

The Tories finished 2015’s elections with 53 seats and despite various defections and whip-removals they still had a tight grip of the Council. But in May of this year that all changed. They lost seats to Labour and Independents reducing their seat count to 34. They are still the largest party but now have less than half the seats meaning they cannot form a majority without a deal.

What will happen next will be decided by talks between the various parties and Independents. Labour is hoping it can put it’s manifesto forward but would need support from other Councillors to get measures through.

You can see a full breakdown of the results on the Cheshire East website –

We will keep you updated on developments…

P.S. in related news Labour also retained control of Crewe Town Council by winning all 20 seats capping off a very successful May 2019 election for us here in Crewe and Nantwich.

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