Laura Smith, our former MP, elected as a councillor to Cheshire East

For two and a half years Laura Smith had represented the constituency of Crewe and Nantwich as a Member of Parliament and was determined to be a local MP and not a Westminster MP. Laura had, prior to her election, organised against the brutal school cuts with popular marches through places like Crewe, Nantwich and Sandbach. Because Laura was from this area, because she was brought up here, worked here and is raising kids here, she cared about it and cared about the plight of the impact on our education system locally.

Despite losing the seat in December 2019’s Snap General Election, Laura was not deterred. She was already organising a school swap-shop for anyone to come and freely pick up donated branded school clothes, sad as the reality is that that is even necessary, and continued to run that and continued to use her profile to raise why it is even a thing in a rich country like ours.

During that General Election, we sadly lost one of the pillars of the local Labour movement – Dorothy Flude. Dorothy represented the ward of Crewe South on Cheshire East and a vacancy now needed to be filled.

Next Step

Laura put herself forward to Labour members in the ward looking for selection and won that and became our candidate. Despite the Tory opponent’s tactics to put out leaflets with very dubious or even outright wrong claims about the running of the Council, Laura and Labour ran a positive campaign including promising a push to get Crewe Baths in use again for a community project. On February 27th, the electors of Crewe South elected Laura Smith.

Not one to wait around, this was day 1’s agenda for the newly-elected Councillor…

It is apparent, that Laura thrives on being able to represent the community of her home so it made sense that Laura would continue in a public office and we are very excited to see her contributions to the town.

Crewe Town Council elections

Julian Proffit, Laura Smith and Emma Angier, all elected February 2020 Two other elections also happened on 27th February 2020 for Crewe Town Council to fill two vacated seats, one in Crewe West and one in Crewe St Barnabas. Both were defences for us and we kept both. Elected were Julian Proffit (Crewe West) and Emma Angier (Crewe St Barnabas). A hat-trick of election wins!

Crewe Town Council does have an important role within Crewe. Please visit this page that gives some information on what the council does and what it can do. The general public are allowed to attend the gallery for town council meetings and can speak and ask councillors questions. The Crewe Town Council website and social media accounts contain information of meetings.

Cllr Brian Roberts

Sadly, we lost another great councillor recently in Cllr Brian Roberts who represented Crewe West. We understand an election will happen to fill that vacated seat in April. We will provide news soon on who Labour will put forward for that election.

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