Bonus Ball

The Bonus Ball scheme has been running since 2010 and plays a major role in raising funds to help our Constituency Labour Party (CLP) fight an effective campaign.

It’s open to everyone, whether they are Party members or not, or even if they live outside the constituency. We have several participants who have moved away but continue to support our local efforts in this way.

Participants complete a form authorising a Standing Order at their bank of £5 per month to the CLP’s account, the deduction to be made on a date of their own choosing. That form is passed to the organiser, who will then take it to the bank to ensure that they are satisfied that the form has been completed to their satisfaction. At that point, a number is allocated between 1 and 59 (1-49 until the National Lottery recently extended its range) and then relayed to the member.

Each monthly winner will be the person whose number corresponds with the bonus ball drawn on the National Lotto draw which takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

The organiser will notify winners and they will receive a prize of £100, generally paid by cheque. Should the winner’s standing order payment not have been received for that month the prize will be rolled over, unless the scheme has less than 20 members. If a winner does not respond to a written notification of their win within 2 months, then their prize is declared void.

Recent winners…

23th February 2019
Richard Banks
Sally Head
26th January 2019
Joe Lundie
Pat Smith
Rachel Peake
29th December 2018
Ronald Merson
John Scott
Simon Yates
25th November 2018
David Newton
Paul Atkinson
Nick Green
27th October 2018
Gwen Hands
29th September 2018
Tim Price
Robert Spargo
Jean Thopliss
25th August 2018
Phil Bateman
Martin Robinson
Sinead Wheeler
28th July 2018
David Newton
Paul Atkinson
Nick Green
30th June 2018
Barry Lawton
Laura Smith MP
Tony Wedgwood
26th May 2018
Mo Grant
John Colclough
Mary Carline
28th April 2018
Sian Clarke
Chris Hulse
Peter Kent
31st March 2018
David Owen
Sonja Cafferata
Wayne Salisbury

We run 3 schemes at the moment as we have more participants than 59 but we still have places available on the 3rd scheme. If you want more information about the scheme then contact the organiser of the scheme Peter Kent at or, to start the entry process please fill in the form below…

Bonus Ball Scheme – Contact Form

Please confirm that you are happy to be contacted by the elected Bonus Ball organiser, Peter Kent, in order to setup your entry to the Bonus Ball scheme (required)


Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party will never ever pass your details on to anyone outside of this organisation. The Labour Party nationally often provides training on how to handle people's data in a careful and respectful way which we always endeavour to honour.

Crewe and Nantwich Constituency Labour Party pays an annual licence fee to Cheshire East Council to comply with the appropriate legislation regarding lotteries