Crewe Town Council

Crewe Town CouncilIn April 2013 the Crewe Town Council was elected, following a campaign led by the Labour Party, to create “A Voice for Crewe”.

Labour Councillors want to create a vibrant and prosperous community with people living in good affordable houses, having access to a range of leisure and community facilities and enjoying the benefits a quality urban environment.

Re-elected in 2015, Labour Party Town Councillors identified 3 key priorities for the Town Council:

Creating a sense of community

Labour Party Town Councillors have:

  • Built a strong Town Council on a sound financial basis which has generated networks of community organisations throughout the Town and used public money effectively.
  • Together with partners created a Youth Employment Partnership bringing together local businesses, employers, Further Education Colleges and the University.
  • Invested £70K in grants to support local organisations based in Crewe and working for Crewe people, helping local them to thrive through the grants funding scheme.
  • Influencing the planning process in line with community aspirations.
  • Lobbying the Planning Authority to resist the concentration of Houses of Multiple Occupation in the Town and focus instead on affordable housing for families.
  • Supported campaigns in Crewe to tackle fly tipping, poor waste management and anti- social behavior, resulting in the actions now taken to enforce compliance with the law.
  • Invested £30K in CCTV services which provide community safety Generated Civic pride.
  • Consulted on and then developed a long term Community Plan for Crewe.
  • Invested £70K to support the Allotments Federation in recovering from the years of lack of investment by the Tory controlled Cheshire East Council.

Encouraged economic development

Labour Party Town Councillors have:

  • Lobbied Government, Cheshire East Council and Network Rail for HS2 to come to Crewe as soon as possible and for a new Hub station to be built in the Town.
  • Worked with partners to maximise the benefits HS2 can bring to the Town in terms of town centre development, regeneration of the Town, jobs and housing.
  • Invested £25K in Town Centre activities, events and festivals generating new business and interest in the Town Centre.
  • Introduced food and craft festivals, Steampunk and TrAction Crewe to the Town.
  • Invested £120k to improve the Town environment including street flower displays and Christmas lights and activities which are now amongst the best in the North West.
  • Working with others to make Crewe the destination of choice for business tourism, undertaking marketing activities to promote Crewe.
  • Supported young people on the journey between education and employment through the Crewe Pledge.
  • Promoted balanced development in the town centre that meets the long-term needs of the community.
  • Negotiated a new relationship with Cheshire east Council to invest in the modernisation of the Town Markets with £100K being provided by the Town Council.

Generating civic pride

Labour Town Councillors have:

  • Cared for and enhanced civic spaces through floral displays and Christmas Lighting schemes in the centre and on Nantwich Road.
  • Supported campaigns to clean up Crewe and regenerate the town centre.
  • Delivered quality civic events such as Remembrance Sunday.
  • Acknowledged excellence in community spirit through the Civic Awards Scheme.
  • Cherished and remembered our heritage through projects such as the World War 1 programme including the Somme commemoration.
  • Encouraged the role and contribution of the Mayor in demonstrating pride in our town.

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